Feb. 6, 2008 – Itchin’ to be Stitchin’

This Saturday I will be traveling back to Chandler, Oklahoma to teach my all day applique class at Itchin' to be Stitchin'. The photo above shows Julianne and Shirley Wiess (owner) posing in front of my little bunny quilt. They have talked me into letting them test market the pattern.

These ladies are so nice and if you ever find yourself traveling down the I-44 turnpike between Tulsa and Oklahoma City, you must plan to stop in Chandler and visit this charming small town quilt store. Besides the usual quilting fabrics, this store also has an unusual assortment of older one of a kind fabrics. Be sure to buy it when you see it because you won't find it again. I bought several yards of a very cool sage green fabric printed with leaves. It may be from the 1960's. I'm not sure where I am going to use it, but you can be sure it will find it's way into a quilt sometime soon.

Shirley has plans to speak at several local quilt guilds this year. She has a great lecture called Scrap Therapy. If you see her name come up on the list of upcoming speakers, be sure to attend, you'll be glad you did.

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One Response to Feb. 6, 2008 – Itchin’ to be Stitchin’

  1. Have a good weekend. Looks like you will be in good company. Wish I lived close enough to join you. Hopefully I will be back in the country this weekend. I laid out a homespun table runner before I left. I challenged myself to use purple and green as the main colors. We'll see!

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