Feb. 8, 2008 – Claire’s Cats Volume 1

I underestimated the popularity of this book. For this I want to apologize to my fans. When I decided to write Claire’s Cats Volume 2, I thought that since I had included so many more options, details, and diagrams, that everyone would just forget about the original book. I also thought that after selling 15,000 copies that about everyone who wanted one had one. I was wrong. What is happening now is that new people are buying Claire’s Cats Volume 2, then they set out to find Claire’s Cats Volume 1 only to discover that it is not available.
My phone rings each and every day with another request for this book. It took a while. At first there were still places on-line that had old inventory. Now those sources have dried up and they are calling me. I also thought that when the book became scarce that people would be selling their used copies on Amazon or e-bay. They are not. Apparently those who own the book want to keep it.
Well I have good news. I have decided to reprint the original cat book. I don’t have them yet, it takes a while, but I do have about six copies that I recently called back from an old consignment source. I have posted them on Amazon at this link. I will let you know when the books are available again for shop owners to purchase.

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3 Responses to Feb. 8, 2008 – Claire’s Cats Volume 1

  1. I love your cats. Good luck with the reprint!

  2. Darcy says:

    It still depends upon whether the distributors want it again. If they do, I'll go higher. If they do not, my figures will stand.

  3. When I told Michelle about you plans to reprint the book the other day she immediately said you aren't planning on printing enough copies. You might want to rethink your number.

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