Feb. 20, 2008 – It’s almost finished!

I saw the Sherpa proof of my re-print yesterday from Southwestern. It won’t be long now and I will have this book back in print. This is a good thing too, the last few books that I put on Amazon last week were gone in a flash. I am off for a girls day out to sew with some friends at Sooner Quilts today. Hopefully, I can get some things finished.

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2 Responses to Feb. 20, 2008 – It’s almost finished!

  1. Darcy says:

    I have sold over 15,000 so far. I thought that was enough, but I get calls and e-mails daily so it's back for more. Thanks!

  2. I think it's absolutely fantastic that you've gone the self-publishing route and that it's paying off for you! How many copies have you sold so far? I want a copy of that book myself; hope you'll post when it's up on Amazon!

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