Photo Quest #4 – Rule of Thirds

A trip to a local park brings us this Canada Goose who really didn't want to get in the water but was very suspicious of my camera.
When he finally did make the plunge, he proceeded to curse me. I like the water dripping from his nose in this photo.
Notice that the first picture is #1 and the second is #4. I actually have two more photos taken between these two with the goose in flight, but they are a little out of focus and I didn't include them for that reason.
And this last one is a planned photo of a Sweetgum Ball taken with my telephoto lens.

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One Response to Photo Quest #4 – Rule of Thirds

  1. It sure is hard to take photos of moving wild animals and have them fit the ROT. You did a nice job with your photos. The Sweetgum ball is a perfect example of the ROT with the sweetgum ball in the lower left 1/3 intersection. Great job!

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