Photo Quest #7 – Composition

I've been out of town. My husband and I went down to Texas to attend the Dallas Quilt Show (more on that later) and for a nice get-away. I didn't get to spend much time thinking about the photo challenge, but I did take this picture of the lighting in the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel where we were staying.
This is the picture I wanted to take for the motion part of Challenge #5. This was taken at dusk. I didn't have much time to adjust the settings so I quickly put it on the "no flash" setting and snapped this picture just as the bus went by. There is no cropping or other filters applied to this photo, this is as it was taken.

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3 Responses to Photo Quest #7 – Composition

  1. Darcy says:

    Thanks, I didn't intend for the bus to be part of this week's quest. I just wanted to share it. The movement photos are all about opportunity. It doesn't translate well when you try to set it up. I'm going to be out of town, mostly on business, nearly every weekend from now until mid May. Hopefully I can find the time to sneak off a few photos while I'm out, I do enjoy these contests.

  2. First photo is a great example of the ROT and balance with the lights and the ceiling.
    Second photo well I jsut love it what can I saw, great example of movement…doesn't work for this quest but great example none the less. For this quest the photo leaves just enough room for the bus not to leave the frame and keep your eye from leaving the photo.

  3. I love both of your pictures. I forgot about the photo quest this week. Didn't have time to take any pictures anyway. Busy with the birthday party on Saturday and sick kids on Sunday.

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