Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Bring out the bunnies and chicks and colored eggs. I thought my kids might be getting too old to dye Easter eggs but they didn't think so. They can't just color them one solid color, oh no. They get into the crayons and multiple over-dyes until they are all nearly brown.

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3 Responses to Happy Easter

  1. Darcy says:

    Thanks, Those blossoms are on the tree across the street. Tonight we are having deviled eggs with our chicken. Christopher had to pick the five poor souls that had to be sacrificed.

  2. They are artist in training! My grandkids all love to color eggs. Thanks for the plum tree blossoms. Hope we have some soon.

  3. One is never too old to color Easter eggs. I'd still do it if my mom would let me! 8:-)

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