A Trip to the Texas Panhandle

This past weekend we took the kids out west to the Texas Panhandle. We stayed two nights just South of Amarillo in the Palo Duro Canyon. It was a bit cold and very windy but the canyon was gorgeous!
We saw lots of wildlife, which were completely unconcerned about us. I walked within six feet of this mule deer. She eventually felt the need to stand up but never did run away. She was in a group of seven individuals and we came upon this group three times. There were three does and four fawns which still had a few white spots left in their coats.
It was the same story with the wild turkeys. I think I could have reached out and petted him if I had wanted to. I took pictures until I got bored with it, they never did run away.
We saw some Mexican Freetail Bats, but they were not interested in posing for my camera. The light was nearly gone by the time they came out.
My husband, Greg, also spotted a Golden Eagle nest high up in the cliff. We could see them through binoculars but my telephoto lens was not powerful enough to photograph them.

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14 Responses to A Trip to the Texas Panhandle

  1. Darcy says:

    Is this it? It looks like it was on Amazon once upon a time.

  2. Sallie Scull- but I think that it's out of print. There is a lot written about Pioneer Women.

  3. Darcy says:

    I'll do it first thing tomorrow morning. I think it's bedtime. What is the name of the book? Is it on Amazon? Sounds interesting!I've written several books, I have six of them on Amazon.

  4. Google Sallie Scull. My wife's grandmother wrote a book about her.

  5. Darcy says:

    This was the first time I had been there. I live in Oklahoma City.

  6. My late father-in-law was from El Paso. He is the great-grandson of Jesse Robinson and Sallie Scull. Jesse Robinson was from Tennessee and fought at the Battle of San Jacinto.

  7. Darcy says:

    Yes, your picture looked similar. This was out by Amarillo, Tx — back in March.

  8. Very nice, it does remind me of the Catalinas here in Tucson.

  9. Wow, I don't care for Texas much but your photos are of a part of Texas I've never seen. Looks like a place i would enjoy visiting.

  10. Darcy says:

    Christopher has been to the Gulf, the Panhandle, and Lake Texhoma, he has enjoyed it all and talks about it often.

  11. Penny Quilts says:

    I haven't been there in many years. We used to go when the kids were growing up. I loved it. When someone says they are ready to move to Texas I have to laugh. It is so BIG that "moving to Texas" can mean any number of things – desert, forest, prairie, urban, rural.

  12. Darcy says:

    Have you been there? We will have to go back… Christopher was in tears when we left, I think he's ready to move to Texas.

  13. Penny Quilts says:

    I love Palo Duro canyon.

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