Photo Quest #9 – Macro Photography

This week's quest was to take a lot of macro photos and submit the best three. These are fun shots to take because you don't have to go anywhere exciting to find interesting subject matter, Just look around and you will see plenty of things to zoom in on.

I kept my camera settings simple. I used the automatic "flower" setting and I used my stock lens (the one that came with the camera) it is an 18-55mm canon zoom lens and I have an 8mp Canon digital camera. I extended the lens as far out as it would go and took all three of these photos at the closest focal length that my camera would focus.
This shot was taken at about 5:00 p.m. and the sun was behind my back. My hair (I have lots of hair) was acting as a natural filter for the harsh light.
This is the inside of a red tulip. The sunlight was shining through the red petals and gave the white pistil an interesting filtered color.
This is a Sycamore seed. The fluffy balls that hang in the trees are exploding this time of year and the seeds pile up on my porch like drifts of snow. I also used the rule of thirds for this picture.

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5 Responses to Photo Quest #9 – Macro Photography

  1. Wonderful photos Darcy! I really like the first one with the light playing on the petals geat photo, thanks for your entry!

  2. Great job! You take beautiful pictures. I love them.

  3. Darcy says:

    Thank you! Yes is is one of mine. I decided that I needed a Spring banner. The blossoms didn't last long, I'm glad I took the picture when I had the chance.

  4. These are good, Darcy! I absolutely love your Vox banner – gorgeous shot, and I'm assuming it's one of yours.

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