Photo Quest #10 – Doors

This is our front door. I never realized before how much personal stuff can be captured by your front door. The first thing you notice is the decoration that Claire's best friend, Qiwei Li gave her for Chinese New Year, then you can also see Christopher's frog planter, the birdhouse gourds that we grew last summer drying in the crepe myrtle, the pinecone/peanut butter bird feeder made by the Boy Scouts – also hanging in the crepe myrtle, our flowering redbud tree, and the streetlamp that our neighborhood raised money to buy and install on every block.
I thought this shot had a lot going on. We live within a few blocks of the Paseo Arts District and occasionally walk over there, mostly for the exercise. This is Claire entering one of the always interesting shops.
This is my kids learning about exposure. They are in front of the mirror on my bedroom door trying to be ghosts. The camera was set on an 8 second exposure.

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