Photo Quest #15 – Twilight Photos

This picture was taken as the very last of the natural light was filtering through the leaves. I had my 200mm zoom lens on and the setting was "no flash".
This shot was taken with my standard 55mm lens and tripod. I had the camera on the TV setting and adjusted the shutter speed down to 1.3 seconds. The room was dark except for the candlelight.
This is a natural light photo of a Painted Turtle in an aquarium. The camera was on "no flash" with my 55mm lens. There was some sunlight coming in from behind the aquarium.
This is not my favorite photo, but it may be the only "true" twilight picture. All of the color had left in the sky, only shades of grey remained. I used my 55mm lens and pointed up at the sky to capture as much of what was left of the light as I could. 

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4 Responses to Photo Quest #15 – Twilight Photos

  1. Your photos are fantastic! Thanks for posting them for the rest of us to enjoy.

  2. Emjay says:

    Love those leaves!

  3. OMG, these photos are jaw dropping! I love the effect of the light through the leaves and your mantle photo is like liguid amber kissing the duck decoy! Love it!

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