Progress Report

I haven’t posted any progress in a couple of weeks because I have not had much to share. I’ve sewn up a few more of the pie-eyed bunnies, but that is all I’ve done towards the completion of the new bunny book.
This past weekend I took the kids to the annual Fiber Festival. This year is was held in Edmond. We had a great time and learned lots of new stuff.
One of the best things I found was this 100% Wool batting handmade from Alpaca wool. It’s not real big and I want to plan a hand quilting project to use it with. I’ll give a report back later on how it needles.
Claire learned how to spin wool on a spindle and Christopher learned how to weave. They have been busy as little beavers ever since. Claire is spinning yarn and giving it to her brother to weave with. Here are a couple of examples of their combined work. The white in the center bookmark shows Claire’s progress with her spinning. She is getting good at it and they are having a good time too. Christopher told his dad that he plans to spend the summer making “cloth” so I can make a quilt from his weavings 🙂
Another project that I just completed was a commissioned Ferret Pattern. I’ll have it on my website soon and post a link to it at that time. This is a small quilt pattern with a 12″ Ferret applique block in the center. I was commissioned to make it by a woman who will be making a quilt for the Buckeye Bash, which is the largest American Ferret Association sanctioned ferret show in the United States. The quilt will be used to raise funds to offset expenses incurred by rescuing 700 ferrets in 2007.

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4 Responses to Progress Report

  1. Darcy says:

    Hello! You have two new little fans 🙂 I think they will be busy all summer :-DChristopher thinks he can make woven "squares" that I can use. Kind of like granny squares. He also made a new cardboard loom that is long enough to make Claire a choker necklace. Gotta love the hours of cheap entertainment — thanks so much for teaching them!

  2. Anna Heater says:

    Hi, My friend Katherine and I are the ones that taught the cardboard weaving at the Edmond fiber festival.

  3. Darcy says:

    The lady that taught Christopher how to weave told him that traditionally girls were the spinners and boys were the weavers. Sure enough, that was the way they wanted to do it. Claire tried the weaving, then went right back to spinning.

  4. Isn't it fantastic that your kids are interested in doing things with fiber and fabric! I always tried to let my kids do "needlework" when I was doing it, even though it was messy, etc. None of them are doing traditional needlework, but it helped them be more creative.

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