We are Moving!

We have seriously outgrown our old house. With four people, my business, and one bathroom, it's been too tight for a long time but we have finally selected a new place to live. One of the things that has held us back was not knowing where Claire would be going to school next year. Now that she has passed the entrance exams and has been accepted into the Classen School of Advanced Studies we feel like we need to stay in the inner city. Last week we took a walk through Heritage Hills and found this house for sale. It is two stories plus a basement. The best part is the large garage with the work space above it.
This will be the future home of Ashton Publications. I can finally get the shipping out of my living room! This garage is deep and can hold four cars. The up stairs has two rooms and it's own climate control. We met the son of the elderly man who owns the house and he said the room is very well insulated and it can freeze you out with the air conditioning on. The entire place needs paint inside and out, but other than that is structurally sound. I took a few pictures through the window of the inside of the house.
This is the living room as seen through the window from the back looking towards the front. The double doors on the side open onto a covered porch on the East side of the house. The next picture is looking through the living room into the formal dining room. It has a textured ceiling that looks like stamped tin. The doorway to the left will be where I have my computer and bookkeeping. 

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8 Responses to We are Moving!

  1. That's right. Our six turned out great, so far anyway! It was so nice to be able to leave the doors unlocked, let the kids play outside all day, etc.
    What a neat place to camp out. I used to love to play in the barns.

  2. Darcy says:

    Farm houses are great for raising children. That is what they were designed for. We have an old land run homestead here in OKC, it is a museum now, but it looks like it was a great place for kids to grow up. The boys with the scout troupe recently went there to camp out in the barn.

  3. How exciting! I would love to have a house like that. The front part of our house that we use for bedrooms is a hundred years old this year, but it was never anything grand, just a plain farm house.

  4. dejablu503 says:

    I owned a 3 bedroom 1902 Craftsman Cottage in Coos Bay years ago, I still miss that house! The guy who built it made it out of the wood from his ship (for his bride), the hutch in the dining room was from his captain's quarters…. cherry wood floors and trim throughout. It also had soul, and due to the saltwater exposure to the wood, you could NOT bang a nail into the walls….. That part was a tad maddening. You cannot beat life in an old house if it was well made. They have an energy in them you can't get in a new build.

  5. Darcy says:

    Thanks! I don't know the exact age of this house. They said "circa 1920". I'm very pleased by how sturdy it is. No "mushy" places in the floor. I've been in a lot of old houses and appreciate how rare that is.

  6. dejablu503 says:

    That house is divine! So many houses have no soul to them, that one does, congrats!

  7. Darcy says:

    I can't wait to dust those floors and get some fresh paint on it!

  8. I thought it looked really cool when we drove by it the other night. I can't wait to go inside!

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