A Just Jennifer Jacket

Here’s something a little different… an applique on a quilted sweatshirt jacket. This one is made from the Quilted Fleece Jacket Pattern and was sewn by Jennie herself!
Jennie Sharpe and I have decided to cross promote each other and add my appliques to her jackets. I think they are a great fit.
This one was made for my daughter, Claire. Now when she tags along with me to the quilt shows, she can have this wonderful jacket to wear and talk about.
So far I just have the one bunny on the front but I may add another one to the back. I am also working on some new butterflies, which will be included in this new bunny book that I am working on so I may add a few butterflies to the jacket too.
Hopefully, I will have this book finished and ready to sell this Fall. I have lots of work yet to do but it’s coming along.

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6 Responses to A Just Jennifer Jacket

  1. Very pretty jacket! Rabbit looks adorable. Hope everything works out great for both of you.

  2. Who wouldn't love it!! The way kids grow, you might have to add to the cuffs! lol! This should be a good venture for you and Jennie.

  3. Darcy says:

    I took this jacket with me to Shawnee last night. I spoke to their guild. Anyway, the ladies loved it too. I hope it still fits Claire when the Winter Quilt show comes back in January.

  4. Darcy says:

    I think you are right. It needs to be jazzed up. It's a very cute jacket, I hope the cross-promotion sells lots of patterns for Jennifer.

  5. Cheryl says:

    How adorable – and a really creative idea. I think the bunny is a perfect fit for the jacket – but she looks a bit lonely, so another one on the back would be great company! LOL!! Seriously, I think adding butterflies would be good too.

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