I have not been as productive this summer as I would have liked, but yesterday I went to Sooner Quilts in Guthrie with Brenda and spent the entire day sewing. Here is what I managed to accomplish. I have this quilt (above) layered with batting and backing.

This pastel quilt is now a completed top.
Sometimes a quilt goes together in a snap. This one has given me fits. I think I bought all the fabric for it twice before I was happy. Yesterday I ripped the outer border off it and added the one you see here…. I’m going to call it done.

And I have this reproduction quilt put together. It still needs an outer border but at least it’s not loose blocks anymore. If anyone has any suggestions for names for these quilts, I’m open for suggestions.
Tomorrow I am teaching an all day applique class at Quilting by Vonnie, in McAlester. It is a pretty good drive so I am going up to Tulsa tonight to spend the night with my mom, then I will drive out to McAlester in the morning and come home tomorrow night.

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  1. none says:

    Awe….those are cute Darcy!Have fun! And a nice time with your Mother!

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