New House – During Pictures

It looks like a war zone but honestly, I think we gained square footage just by lightening up the walls. The blue doors and windows will go next. I’m a green person, too much blue makes me nervous. This is just primer to cover the dark walls, we will come back with a neutral color.

Christopher decided that this frog needs to live here until we get around to this room. This is a breakfast room off of the kitchen.
We also have a large formal dining room! I won’t know how to act 🙂

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2 Responses to New House – During Pictures

  1. I'm with you. More neutral colors and not so much ticky-tacky. I'm with you on the shower, too. Maybe you can glue a couple of rows of appliqued rabbits around the walls at just the right heights!
    I think your new house is going to be fantastic!

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