More House Photos

I have been working on windows for the past couple of days. This set is now finished. I think they look so much better now that the ugly chalky blue paint has been replaced by nice semi-gloss white trim paint. I have seven windows completed and eighteen more to go. This room will be where my computer will live once we get all moved in, but somehow I just can’t shake the feeling that I’m being watched…

Oh it’s just Christopher’s gargoyle. That thing is in a new spot everytime I turn around 🙂

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11 Responses to More House Photos

  1. none says:

    There ya go! Do it 🙂

  2. Darcy says:

    Yes ma'am! I'll (hopefully) be getting a lot more work done with all that extra space. My old house is waaay too tiny.

  3. Emjay says:

    LOL the mobile gargoyle!! Seems like a lot of work! I'm sure you're looking forward to having it all finished and moved in – especially into your office/sewing room.

  4. Darcy says:

    Little stinker. At least he has a good sense of humor. He's going to grandma's again tomorrow. I may move it to peek in his window while he's gone 😉

  5. none says:

    Oh yeah will be cool set up!Heehee about gargoyle and 'I've caught my child in the act of moving it'

  6. Darcy says:

    I'm scraping and painting. Greg says he will take them apart and re-do them someday when he has more time. Some of them need the weights re-strung. The bottom part is varnished natural wood. It matches the crown molding in the big room. My old house has all the trim painted. This one is about 1/2 and 1/2.

  7. Are you striping them, or just painting over the old stuff? Do think still have a dark brown finish on the bottom?

  8. Darcy says:

    Thanks. I'm not real sure where that gargoyle came from. It's made of cement, but it is not old. Maybe Garden Ridge?

  9. You are undertaking a major job with those windows! I painted the ones in the old part of our house a few times. And there was only 8 of them.
    Bet you are excited about your new office and sewing room. That will be so cool!
    Where did the gargoyle come from? They are very interesting, but I'm not sure I want one watching me all the time.

  10. Darcy says:

    That is the detatched garage. It has two bays and is two cars deep. It has an apartment over it and it will be my new office and sewing room. Can't wait 😀

  11. none says:

    heehee that dudes creepy man…A separate barn, nice.

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