Sewing Eyes

One of the most commonly asked questions I hear is “how do you sew those eyes?” They are really quite simple. I’ll go through it step by step.

Start by getting them clearly marked on the front of your fabric. I like to use this white Clover pen. It goes on clear and turns bright white as it dries. The best part is that it completely disappears after you press it with an iron.

Stitch directly on the line with a back stitch, stem stitch, outline stitch… whatever you call it. Anyone who has done any embroidery at all will know this stitch. I use two strands of embroidery floss.

Outline both the eye shape and the pupil. Once it is outlined, fill in the pupil with a satin stitch.

The last step is to add a single white French knot in the corner of the pupil for a highlight. This adds a spark of life to your block and really is an essential finishing touch.

If a little white shows from under your stitching, it will be gone the first time you press your block.

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