Impatiens at Dawn


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11 Responses to Impatiens at Dawn

  1. Bigma says:

    Very nice B&W perspective.. .it really lends more emphasis to the water droplets!

  2. Darcy says:

    Thanks so much, Chad and LBreeze 🙂

  3. Darcy says:

    I think you are right. The textures look richer in B&W too.

  4. Emjay says:

    Black and white can give things more detail than colour. Perhaps because our eye is not confused by "busy" colours.

  5. Darcy says:

    Thanks Emjay,Yes I took them in color, but they were white anyway. I think they look better like this.

  6. Emjay says:

    These are gorgeous. I was going to ask if you shot these in B&W and then took the colour out but I think your reply to Jordan answers that.

  7. Darcy says:

    Thanks Jordan. I had it in color, but I think it looks more dramatic in B&W.

  8. Jordan says:

    They are beautiful with those dew gems.

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