Free Bunny Pattern

I always include a free sample pattern on my website for each of my books. My webguy has just updated my site with the new information including gallery of quilts and free .pdf pattern to download and print. Check it out.  I don’t have books yet, but they “might” be ready this afternoon!!
There is one thing I am doing this time that is a little different. I had lots of patterns for the bunnies in vehicles that did not make it into the book. I have bundled them together and am offering them as a supplemental pattern packet rather than just scrapping them. I am also offering this packet as an e-pattern or as a traditional pattern that is mailed.
UPDATE: I will not have books today. They will be ready on Monday.

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6 Responses to Free Bunny Pattern

  1. Darcy says:

    Indeed! I have lots of packages all addressed and waiting for the books to be finished….

  2. Atlantis says:

    UPDATE: I will not have books today. They will be ready on Monday.Something to look forward to 🙂

  3. Darcy says:

    Thanks! It's fun — and it has turned into a career for me. One thing is for sure, you never get bored, there is always another project waiting to be done 🙂

  4. LBeeeze says:

    The photo is wonderful !!! Bet you're glad you didn't cut it down. Your patterns are all so cute !! I love them. I really like the butterflies and animals made with the mixed prints. I've never been good at sewing, but your patterns make me wish I had a sewing machine.

  5. Darcy says:

    Thanks LB, I need to convert you into a quilter!!Yes I do have the sunflower photo here. This is a link.

  6. LBeeeze says:

    I went to your site to look a the supplemental pattern packet and everything there was so, so, cute !!!

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