Dallas Quilt Show

My husband and I attended the Dallas quilt show March 13, 14, & 15. My friend Brenda Esslinger and her husband were there on the 14th. It was a great show! This photo is of Su Bunch of Piece Keepers. Su and her husband Dwayne are from Yukon Oklahoma. I lent them my bunny quilt and they sold many, many books.
Business has been good this year. In fact, it’s almost double what it was a year ago. The Dallas quilt show reported attendance was up this year and I believe it. The aisles were so crowded on Friday that it was nearly impossible to get from one end to the next in less than 30 minutes.
We came home on Sunday and stopped for dinner at the Two Frogs Grill. I took this picture only because I like the sign.
Here are a few of the many, many wonderful quilts on display this year in Dallas.

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3 Responses to Dallas Quilt Show

  1. Darcy says:

    Thank you,Yes they are. Dallas has many very talented artists.

  2. MTCowboy says:

    Darcy – I have one thought after seeing the pictures of the quilts…these individuals are very skilled and creative.

  3. Going to a quilt show must be a little bit like going to heaven! LOL Beautiful photographs. I like the two frogs. Cute!

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