Wool Penny Rugs

This is something new that I made recently. It is a Penny Rug made from recycled thrift store wool. The red plaid and the grey pinstripe were once skirts, and the charcoal grey was an old Army blanket. It is backed with the same dark grey and is embellished with antique shell buttons and embroidery.
The pattern came out of an old book that I wrote years ago. Paper Cut Valentines. I only have 235 of these books left and I have inserted a pattern and instructions for the wool penny rug into the remaining books.
The books are $11.95 and when they are gone, they are gone. I’ll be listing this on my Etsy page soon.

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5 Responses to Wool Penny Rugs

  1. Darcy says:

    Sorry about that! He's blocked now.

  2. Darcy says:

    Thanks! yes, they are stitched by hand. Gotta keep those fingers busy.

  3. Waterbaby says:

    Cool. Do you do the stitching by hand too? Reminds me of goods at a farmers' market booth the other day … a woman who got old sweaters from thrift stores, unraveled and washed them and used them to make bags, caps and the like.

  4. Tea says:

    i love these !!!beautiful!

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