Grandma’s Bunnies

Gram. Bun. coverThis was my first book. It was inspired by some unfinished bunny blocks I inherited from my grandmother. This book was out of print for many years, but I have brought it back to life. I included my grandmother’s quilt as well as the one I made.

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6 Responses to Grandma’s Bunnies

  1. Nancy Hamelund says:

    Awaiting the book I ordered from your site. Can’t wait to make your lovely bunny quilt which I saw displayed at a shop hop last Friday (8-19-11). I’m a late starter to quilting—books like yours are such an inspiration! Thank you.

    • dashton4 says:

      Thank you Nancy!
      Your book is in the mail, I hope the Post Office is faster than normal and you get it real soon. Send pictures once you get some stitched bunnies!

  2. Angie Nudge says:

    How cute is that! I’m sure your grandma is proud of you.

  3. Donna Pheneger says:

    I love the bunnies! So cute! I also inherited un-finished blocks from my grandmother, plus the material to finish the quilt. Doesn’t it give you a wonderful feeling of connection between you and your grandmother even after all these years? I still walk into the room, see that quilt, and think of her – which is almost daily!

  4. Love this book – love all your books, Darcy! Still have Palomino Dreams partially completed next to my machine in some darker Moda fabrics. Really need to finish that one. Looking forward to your next book… 🙂

  5. What a sweet picture! Are you working on a new book of patterns? I never did make the rag quilted bunny. There’s still time, I think!

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