Sewing Room Clocks

Clock coverHere is something new — a hand-sewn clock! I kept finding myself searching for a clock in my sewing room. I was always twisting around, searching for the time. The clock that was up there was not in a convenient spot. So I had the idea that I would make another one to hang on the opposite wall but like most everything else I do, once I had made one, I thought up a different and better way to do it, so I made another one…. I started out making them out of felted wool, then I moved on to cotton batiks. Once I had made six or eight of them, I think I have it perfected and by that time, I also had a pattern! –LOL!

I have the pattern for sale here  in my Etsy Store.This pattern is available as an Instant Download on

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6 Responses to Sewing Room Clocks

  1. Donna Pheneger says:

    Beautiful! Perfect for any sewing room!

  2. Lee Ann L. says:

    That is pretty cool! 🙂

  3. Nancy says:

    So cute! Love it.

  4. CarolE says:

    Oh my goodness — they’re perfect!

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  6. Very cool! It’s about time {wink wink} that you got to making that for yourself.

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