My Sewing Basket

Pincushion coverHere is a photo of my sewing basket. This is the basket that I carry up and down the stairs and throw in the car when I need to take a portable project with me. I used to use one of the largest wool pincushions but it kept eating my needles. So I attached one of the miniature ones that I’ve been making lately to the rim. I think I’ll use this for a while and see if it works better. I’ve been making a lot of these little pincushions to sell, but I find myself attaching one just about every place where I sit and sew, including the car 🙂

Here is the pattern so you can make your own!


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One Response to My Sewing Basket

  1. Kathy in nc says:

    Love your wee pin cushions Darcy.. One of the all time delimas I think is what or which basket or container should be our sewing choice? Aauugghhh, I struggle all the time going from Ziploc bags to an ex purse.. hahaha (purses being the larger tote size) love,love your work

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