Kitty with Facets

Jan. 8, 2008 - IntroductionMy friend and fellow designer Susan Masters has been developing this new thing she calls “Facets”. She folds fabric and layers it in such a way as to create these very cool designs. The other day we got together and added one of her heart shaped facets to one of my leftover cat blocks from Claire’s Cats Volume 2. I think he’s pretty darn cute. Now I just need to turn him into a baby quilt.

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6 Responses to Kitty with Facets

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  2. I love the facet idea of Susan’s with Darcy’s kitty. Two good design ideas ladies. Charlotte

  3. Very cute! I’ve been playing around with a 5 point star. I figured out a way to make one with three triangles stacked together. But I cut my pattern all up in the process of cutting out the triangles, then I couldn’t figure out how to put them back together! The star is pretty neat. It’s all based on paper folding and straight lines.

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