Singer 328k

This is my Singer 328k. I really like the way this machine zig-zags. It sews beautifully.


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  1. Heather says:

    I just came across your picture on pinterest and realized that I just picked up a sewing machine exactly like the one pictured at Salvation Army for 20$. It sews beautifully, is super clean with all the attachments even the style disks! I guess I got an amazing deal! 🙂

    • Darcy says:

      You sure did! It’s lucky you found it and are giving it a good home. 🙂

      • Heather says:

        It fits in perfectly with the 5 other vintage sewing machines I have rescued from thrift shops and revived. 😀 My dear bf keeps reminding me I can only sew on a single machine at once. I love vintage sewing machines! ❤

  2. Mrs H Joslyn says:

    I just inherited a Singer 328K sewing machine, I am really excited about it. However when I tried it the zig-zag feature does not work right. I checked the cam and the top part , it seems Ok because the needle goes from side to side. It does start trying to do zig-zag, but then it is speratic and straightens out between a few intermitened zig-zags. I am presuming the trouble must be somewhere in the bobbyn part.Do you have any suggestions?
    I would really appreciate any ideas.
    thank you
    Mrs Joslyn

    • Darcy says:

      It may just need to be taken apart and cleaned and oiled real good, but I suggest you find a sewing machine repair shop in your area. I’d bet they can fix it up for you, good as new.

  3. K.B. says:

    I just found a 328k today at Goodwill for $20, cabinet and everything!!. It had a box of attachments with it, some of them seem to be missing, but the majority are there. I also found a 301a at the same place for $5 a few months ago. I just love how they look, the simplicity and beauty of them….I should probably learn how to sew soon!!

    • Buffalosewingguy says:

      Well, congratulations on your great find. You got quite the deal here. I would strong sajest that you take our machine to a local repair shop and have it cleaned, oiled and have the tension and timing tested to make sure all is well. It’s almost a gurentee that your machine hasn’t been used or cared for like it should be. So have it gone over by the repair person and you’ll be good to go. As far as learning to sew. There are some wonderful books out there. And many communities offer classes. Start off with your own clothing repair. Then make a few siple projects like a placemates or potholders. If you want to do clothing constrution. You difentaly need to take claases for that. All the best to you. And enjoy your Singer 328K. It will last you a lifetime.

  4. BuffaloSingerGuy says:

    I absolutely love the Singer 328k. It’s a wonderful machine for the beginner, occasional and everyday sewer. It’s great for mending and repair work. It has all the features the majority of sewers could want. With a basic zigzag, overcast stitch and a good range of decorative stitches for the rare times you need them. It comes with the all important yet often don’t get straight stitch foot and needle plate. They were built like a tank and will out last most new machines today. All metal gears in a light weight aluminum body. I love the sewing light is right were it’s needed, spot lighting the needle. And lastly, just like the 400 & 500 series. It comes in that easy on the eyes dark beige color. And if you work with a black or white machine. You know what i mean. If you find a complete one {machine, manual, attachments etc} either local or on e-bay. Grab it, there totally worth the few hundred they go for. This machine is best in a Singer cabinet. And will fit all post 1958 Singer cabinets. Enjoy! 🙂

    • Darcy says:

      I can’t argue with anything you said. This one came in a portable suitcase and I already had the wooden Singer cabinet which it just fit into like a glove. I don’t have a real manual but I found one in .pdf form online. My only complaint is that I can’t turn the light off. I have to unplug it to turn off the light.

  5. What a beautiful machine and place to work…no wonder your quilts are so beautiful.

  6. Donna Miller says:

    I have one that looks very similar to this one. May be the same. My mother-in-law gave it to me in 1962. Sewed on it for years and years! And, your sewing room looks so peaceful and beautiful!

  7. WhiteStone says:

    Nice cabinet and wonderful vintage Singer.
    My favorite is my Singer 401 which needs cams for the ZZ stitches but sews wonderfully!
    Also my Singer 301 which is a lightweight portable…straight stitch only…but I love it for quilting.

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