Bunny Boots

B&M front coverThis little quilt is not yet quilted but I couldn’t wait to show it off. The applique is from my book “Bunnies and More” and the boots are from my friend Susan Master’s pattern “All American Boots” available at Sooner Quilts or Nancy’s Trunk. We got together and planned this quilt years ago and even made all the boot blocks, but then it ended up in a bag in a drawer. I’m glad it’s finally put together.

The windmill blocks in the corners have 3-dimensional prairie points. I plan to add buttons to the centers of these blocks after it is quilted. Those blocks are also in the “Bunnies and More” book. They are part of the Angora Rabbits quilt.


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One Response to Bunny Boots

  1. I really like the cowboy boot blocks that you used. I have seen others that I didn’t like. Very nice!

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