Singer 99-13

This is my Singer 99-13 portable sewing machine. It has a bentwood case that fits over it. The only problem is that it is missing it’s knee bar which drives the motor. So I have three options…. hope I can find a replacement knee bar, convert it so that it has a traditional foot petal, or convert it into a hand crank. I’m still holding out hope for option #1 but I have a reproduction hand crank mechanism bookmarked and on standby just in case.

UPDATE: I did find a replacement knee bar on e-bay and I’m happy to report that it fits like a glove and the machine is now complete and usable.


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11 Responses to Singer 99-13

  1. Chrissy says:

    I have a singer 99-13 featherweight ,book and all parts, showing a lady in the 30″s I believe by the hair do and the way she is dressed. Would like to know the exact year of it and how much its worth. Chrissy

  2. Phyllis says:

    I have a 99 Singer with everything including hood. Got it at a garage sale for $25.00. I also have a featherweight that I bought on ebay. They are my priced possessions. They will always sew when the computer machines will fail. Something to be said about the past….

  3. My mother had a Featherweight that didn’t reverse and had the foot pedal. Was the machine I first ewed on. Wish I’d received it in her later years.

    • Darcy says:

      Those machines are very collectible. I have one too, I got it from Nancy’s Trunk in Ripley, Oklahoma.

      • Not that I couldn’t use the money, I absolutely could, years of endless poverty takes a very real and severe toll unknown to most. That said, I would’ve wanted that old Featherweight not for the money (again, which I REALLY need) but rather because it was one fine and dependable and solid machine. Sure, the lack of backstitching was a little annoying. Many is the time I miss sewing, more importantly the essence and basics of it (so I’ve no need for all those fancy stitches and newfangled attachments). I’m saddened I didn’t get that machine that was my mother’s.. I know it would’ve outlived me.

  4. I have an old Singer Featherweight. Mom bought it for me when I left for college in 1965. Wonder how many girls got a sewing machine to take to college? At that point in time, I was making all my own clothes.

  5. Amy Flick says:

    Have you talked to Gary up at Nancy’s Trunk or Jim Sorrell?

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