Louis Rastetter Chair Update

comp smallI’ve finished fixing up my flea market chair from an earlier post. I decided to use one of the free patterns from my website (with a few modifications). This chair had been badly painted with a paintbrush. It had a thick, dull, black paint all over it and the folding mechanism and was stuck halfway between being folded and open, but it works smoothly now and I’m pretty happy with my seat cover… BTW, on my website, www.ashtonpub.com, there is a free sample pattern in the description portion of each book that can be downloaded and printed. I even have wool circles for sale in my Etsy store.

For the seat, it had a hole in one corner, so I packed that with quilt batting to plump it back out, then I covered over the original vinyl with cotton batting. Then I stretched the wool over the batting and secured it around the edges with a staple gun. I had to clip the corners and cut pie-shaped slits in it to reduce the thickness and make it fit nice and tight around the corners. It’s still a little bulky in the corners but only because I left the original vinyl seat as it was, and it bulged out some on the original.

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6 Responses to Louis Rastetter Chair Update

  1. Nice. I have a couple of chairs in my basement…

  2. wow! would love to see the Before and After pics side by side.

  3. charlotte hickman says:

    love the chair design, charlotte

  4. Phyllis says:

    gee whiz. it is really beautiful. I have some chairs that need done. It has been much more than 2 years though….more like 40 yrs.

  5. jacquie says:

    hey…she looks great now! woooohhooo…I know you have been wanting to see this done for a while now!

    • Darcy says:

      Thanks! Yes, it’s been a long time coming but now I can stop talking about how “I’m gonna’ do something with it — someday” and now I can say “look what I did.” 🙂

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