Stillwater Quilt Show

I met up with some good friends at the Cimarron Valley Quilter’s Guild’s 25th Anniversary Quilt Show this past Saturday in Stillwater, Oklahoma. And like a knucklehead, I forgot to take my camera, but they had a great show! Not only that, but they were also having an art show downtown. The streets were blocked off and they had street vendors and the local downtown shops were offering specials, it was a wonderful day! I picked up another distressed chair at an antique store. This poor thing never had the wood finished so it was dry and splintery, but it was only $6 and looked like it had potential so I took it home to fix it up. Here are the results:

It’s a small little thing and it folds up nice and flat.

I got so excited about working on it, I forgot to take a “before” picture, but here is a photo of the old seat. As you can see, it “needed” me to save it — LOL!


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2 Responses to Stillwater Quilt Show

  1. jacquie says:

    oh gosh….it cleaned up awesome….go back for the other one…fast…hehehheh
    LOVE the seat….but then, it is batiks…sigh….

    • Darcy says:

      Ain’t it cute? It really looks better in person, I was disappointed in the photos. I guess you’ll just have to come over and see it to appreciate it.

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