Pink Flamingo in Wool

Penny Rug CoverI stitched my Flamingo Pattern up in wool just to see how it would look. Then, I added tabs around the exterior and made it into a wool penny rug. (Click here for the wool pattern.) I used plastic safety eyes on this one. The shanks were fairly long so I cut them off flush with the washer on the back. The other thing that I did differently on this piece is that I used glass beads in the buttonhole stitching around the black background. I think I may explore this beaded buttonhole stitch a bit farther in the future. It has possibilities.

You don’t normally think of wool and flamingos as going together, but I think it turned out pretty cute.

Penny detail smallFlamingo pennies small


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One Response to Pink Flamingo in Wool

  1. I love the design and color combination. And oh yes the PINK wool

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