My Little Orange Kitten

PJThis is our newest family member. We call him PJ for “Pumpkin Jr.” but his nickname is Agent Orange — and he’s just as lethal! PJ started out as a country cat and is the luckiest kitty I know. When he was just a baby, his mother climbed up on a roof and dropped him down the chimney right before she was eaten by a coyote. My daughter, Claire, took him home and fed him with a syringe until he was old enough to eat solid food. About six months later, the house in the country burned to the ground. PJ is a lucky kitty indeed.

Here is a picture of the house:Fire

I’ve decided to try my hand at a pattern that is a little more complicated than my usual one-piece-of-fabric patterns so now I’ve got PJ — The Little Orange Kitten captured for all to enjoy. He’s not really hard to sew. The base color is still one piece of fabric and most of the pieces do not overlap. You need two fat quarters for this block, one for the background and one for the base cat color. Pick a slightly darker shade for the shadows and something for the stripes and you’ve got it. The eyes are the fun part. I embellished them with embroidery. I sewed my block by hand but the pattern instructions are for both hand and machine applique. You can find the pattern here.kitten blockeye


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One Response to My Little Orange Kitten

  1. So happy to see a photo of your new family member. He’s very handsome! The pattern is fantastic.

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