Fracture Frenzy

F.Frenzy CoverI’m very happy to unveil a new book by Brenda Esslinger. This is Fracture Frenzy and it is a sequel to the best selling Fabulous Fractures book from 2009. Since writing that first book, new ideas and techniques came to light that make these strip-pieced quilts even more fun, exciting, and easy!

This is a technique book. It has numerous ideas and techniques that will inspire and excite you as you make your own original art quilts that look like you’ve spent your entire life working on them but in reality, they are all strip pieced and quite easy as you follow the beautifully illustrated diagrams.

Some of the new techniques include:
— The Basic Fracture
— Checkerboard Fractures
— Checkerboards with Multiple Fabrics
— Using Applique on your Fractures
— Substituting Fabrics
— Complex Fractures
— Fractured Diamonds
— Fractured Hexagons
— Fracturing with Curved Seams

Brenda also includes a page of helpful hints that will make all your piecing better as well as a section on selecting fabrics for your fractures. This is a great book which should be included in every quilter’s library! Ask for them at your favorite quilt store.


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3 Responses to Fracture Frenzy

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  2. peggmegg says:

    I can’t wait to see it, Darcy! Will you have copies at Patches tomorrow?

    • Darcy says:

      Thanks! I don’t think I have time for Patches tomorrow, but I’ll have them Saturday at Billie’s Last Saturday Sale. I’ve got to scoot off to Texas Monday and I’m running behind.

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