Miss Mermaid

1-up Summer Cover #6As many of you know, I’ve been working on a long-term Block of the Month series. These quilts all finish the same size and there will be a different quilt for each season. So far I have Santa for Christmas and Scarecrow for Fall. Now I have Miss Mermaid for Summer. Each quilt is a six month set. They are available from Timberlake quilts, each one includes all the fabrics. The last month includes all the fabric and instructions for the borders as well as a fun label for the back. This time I designed the label to look like a sailboat sail and I’ve embellished her hair with beads and charms. She was very fun to make. My goal for the Summer quilt was to design something that didn’t make you feel hot every time you look at it, so I put her underwater.

Look for Spring and Winter quilts to complete the set.

Mermaid Quilt(small)hair closeuparm closeupLabel

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6 Responses to Miss Mermaid

  1. Anonymous says:

    Love the mermaid!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Te mermaid is just awesome!! I love all your quilts!!

  3. Kathy in nc says:

    Such beautiful work, the manatee & sea turtle are precious as the seal and each sea creature your artistic skill is magnificent. I FEEL like I am looking at my photos from Maui..

  4. love the pretty mermaid

  5. peggmegg says:

    Darcy, she is just wonderful! I love all the little details, the finish is terrific!

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