Selvages are a Hoot!

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Author/Owner -- Ashton Publications
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2 Responses to Selvages are a Hoot!

  1. Sabine says:

    Hello Darcy,

    A couple of weeks ago I was at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham (UK) and at the stand of Warm Company I saw two darling owl projects.
    Your business card was attached to it, so I checked your website, but I couldn’t find any info about it.
    Can you help me perhaps?
    I understood it was a free project and I really like it.
    I’m hosting a quiltevent in the Netherlands in a couple of weeks (135 ladies are already signed up for it) and maybe I can promote your designs there!
    Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks in advance!

    Best wishes,

    Sabine Segers- van Esch (The Netherlands)

  2. Diana says:

    Love your little “mummy” owl quilt – at least that’s what they remind me of……..good Halloween idea!

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