Jan. 31, 2008 – Finally Finished!

This quilt was intended to be part of my Butterfly Dance book, but never made the cut. I’ve finally finished quilting it. I called it my “scrap buster” quilt because the only fabric purchased was the black and purple batik used in the 4″ borders. To make the 6″ stars in this quilt, I went through my scraps and organized the pieces by color. Then I cut the  pieces out from “blendy” scraps. I did not care if the points were all the same fabric as long as they were similar in color and hue. It is a little hard to see in this photo but very few stars have the same fabric for all eight points. When the stars were finished, I used the leftover scraps to crazy piece 6″ squares for the outer border. I then splashed a few butterflies onto the quilt top just for fun. It is very cold and snowing today so it was a good day to clear up an old project.
I plan to look through my UFOs and see what else I can finish up…. I may post another photo because then I’ll have to finish it!

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4 Responses to Jan. 31, 2008 – Finally Finished!

  1. I believe it! Kind of like the dust bunnies! I know they multiply, just like rabbits!

  2. John says:

    Very pretty!John

  3. Darcy says:

    Did you know that the scraps breed when you're not looking? You better get them used up!

  4. Love it! The dark borders really pull it together. I may have try a scrappy quilt to use some of my leftovers. I can't throw anything away. I even save 1/4 inch strips to knit with!

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